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Gosh I am doing a update this early. Wow, I am surprising myself.
Nothing important happened really. I am talking to women better than a week ago. My eye contact is making women smile at me more than usual. I get a bad feeling when someone looks down after I locked eyes though. Come on guys I am not that scary. It makes it hard for me to talk to a Women I scared off.

Women I got the number from has not texted me from one text I sent. Oh well, onto the next fish in the sea. She was cute but not intrested. Understandable.

I had a talk with my room mate about the importance with sex in a relationship. Not a discussion of the minds but just random talk. He doesn't care about sex. He asked if I was a virgin and I just bluntly answered yes. He tells me sex is not that big a deal in a relationship. I liked that he told me that but hated that he might have thought I was so dumb about relationships. Like anyone he was just giving good advice and understand were he comes from. I have two heads to think with people. I just pay attention to both.

yes I never been on a date. yes I don't hug women a lot. yes I once held a single ladies hand. But I am not stupid and closed off. I was but I am more open than I was before.

We both agreed on..well I agreed but I now he is on the same boat in my stance. It is not sex that I think about when I talk to women. Well it is if your any guy but its not the most important thing to me, kinda. 

 To get close to someone that will not shove you away. Someone to laugh at my bad jokes. A person that does not take me for granted and I her. I work harder and harder to get that touch. The closeness to one another emotionally and physically. To get that I need to express myself to them. hold them,care for them, make them smile. Making a single women smile with something I done is the brightest joy I could have. To have a women so comfortable with me and have sex is a big deal for me. It shows me that we are comfortable with each other that we will go as far as sex. I will work hard to pleasure her. To make her feel all the emotion I can give her.

I can talk more about this and anything but I don't want to over load this journal. Women is a large subject to talk about for me.
going to class as usual. Happy Mardi gras everyone. I don't really celebrate it. Not that I don't mind to celebrate a day to party its just a day like any other day for me. Ash Wednesday is coming up though. Like my mom always said:
"People go crazy at Mardi gras and the next day on Ash Wednesday they are forgiven for all of their sins yesterday."

I am giving up youtube entertainment. Basically anything on youtube that will distract me from my work. Does anyone want to sacrifice a bad habit for the fasting? Probably not if your not christian. The thing is, I see it as a time to sacrifice something to make me into a better person. Anyone can celebrate it. Heck, as a Mexican I have to celebrate it. Since most christian holidays are tied to my culture. Even if I was not christian I would end up celebrating christian holidays because I love and cherish those holidays.

Meet up with a highschool body and talked about how much we changed. Can't believe I seen him. I am glad he is doing fine and doing okay in college. Talking to him reinvigorated me. Something I didn't know I needed but glad I have a stronger will to work harder. Hope his music career goes well.


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Hello men,women,girls,boys, and crab people
Its a very wonderful occasion to enjoy each others art and give each other some advice. I like this website its very fun to look around in and make some friends we probably will never meet.

but we all came here to do anything to blow of some steem and show everyone else how awsome we are to each other.

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Outflanks10 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
Happy Birthday mate, I hope you have a  good one! 
Milocycle Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea I am!

thanks I really appreciate people telling me this year since its my first birthday away from my family.
I hope you are had a great day today. 
Outflanks10 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
yes I had a nice day.
And you away for your family, I know how that feels, if you wish to talk throw me a line over Skype.
Seth.Benjamin1 : Skype 
Milocycle Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well at least I can spend some time with my family for Christmas.

Here is my Skype: Milobike2

I Haven't used it since I made it to talk to my brothers. Sad to say no one wanted to make a Skype.
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Outflanks10 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
Thanks for adding the OF team to your deviant watch :3
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